Peak Performance


As a Student, Athlete, Artist, Executive or Professional; You can be(come) better at what you are doing. You can be way better,  be more focused, having a better impulse control, a better stress management, recover from mistakes and boost your creativity. You can join the group of high performance individuals at NASA, NFL, Major League Baseball, the Olympics, European Soccer and Red Bull Extreme Athletes and enhance your capacities at their roots; your Brain! Something that wasn't possible during the entire human history: making your brain function better detectably and perceivably!

Yes; we are talking about peaking your brain performance using deep Brain Neurofeedback.

If you have never heard about Neurofeedback before, we think now is about the time for you to not only learn about it, but taking advantage of this cutting edge, safe, drug-free, FDA approved medical technology to increase the quality of your life and achieve your academic, artistic or professional goals on a higher level. 

Peak Performance ?

Peak Performance

Peak performance is the ability to effortlessly function at your best and is characterized by optimal emotional and cognitive states that includes feelings of confidence, focused attention and clear thinking.


To achieve ultimate peak performance your physical health as well as your emotional and cognitive function needs to be working at an integrated optimal level so you can successfully achieve your goals.


Our Peak Performance Program is an individually designed and personalized  brain training program to enhance your emotional regulation and cognitive ability.

The program is based on scientific findings from various fields including neuropsychology, physiology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, human computer interface, and the study of human peak states.


We combine expertise in the field of peak performance training along with the latest state-of-the-art technology to improve overall performance of your brain. You are trained to master your emotions, stabilize the nervous system, engage your pre-frontal cortex in peak neuronal activation, experience flow, and maintain flexibility of both mental and physiological states.



What kind of technology are you using at WhiteInk Clinic ?


Neurofeedback, and particularly Deep Brain Neurotherapy (our expertise), is trending in the news and scientific literature for people trying to get an edge.

US Olympic skiers and snowboarders have started training while using Neurofeedback over the motor cortex in order to increase neuroplasticity and help them focus. Furthermore, the US Army is using Neurofeedback over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (involved in cognitive function) to decrease training time in snipers.

Because of individual differences responses to treatment are unique, which is why we start with individualized brain analysis done by our Pyschophisologist  before starting the peak performance program.

Individualized brain analysis? What's That?


Before we peak your brain performance, first we need to get to know your brain.


Learning about your brain, means a thorough, non-invasive diagnostic procedure that allows us to objectively determine your level of brain function in specific areas of the brain. It especially helps us to find any potential brain related conditions that might prevent you from using your brain capacity at it's highest level.

This method is called qEEG brain mapping.

We use the same method of analysis with individuals who seek our therapies to get rid of various brain conditions. you can watch this video to learn more about qEEG brain mapping.


If you rather to read about qEEG instead of watching the video, let us explain it in a simple way:


A quantitative EEG (qEEG) is a brain map. This is an electrical measurement, analysis, and quantification of the brainwaves.


The brainwaves are the brain’s verbing, or the action potentials of the brain.


We first gather the raw EEG data, and then we process it through a normative database, which is a database of healthy individuals’ brainwaves of the same age as the patient.

This gives us a comparison of the client’s brain relative to others’. This is the first step in our assessment process

The brain mapping process entails placing a cap with 21 electrodes onto the head of the participant (unlike other older methods, no gel injection is required) .


Then, we use the electrodes to pick up microvolts of electrical potentials generated by the brain, which show up as brainwaves (looks like squiggles).


With this data and the use of different databases of hundreds of others’ EEGs, we are able to determine where the individual is different from the norm—for better or for worse.


We are able to look not only at the brainwaves, but also the relationship of the brainwaves to one another, the symmetry of the brain, the stability of the brainwave relationships, and the areas where the brain might be generating problematic signals, manifesting in problematic symptoms and behaviors.


This form of assessment provides the roadmap that all training follows.

Traumatic Brain Injury Index

How does qEEG work?

The procedure is a three-part process, which entails:

  1. Initial visit and intake, including 20 minutes of EEG recording; During this process, we read and understand the "raw data," (the “squiggles” that are the brainwaves). Then, we remove all "artifact" (eye movements, much muscle tension, etc.).

  2. EEG Analysis and report work up: The amplitude, frequency and relationships between different areas of the cortex are analyzed then measured statistically by the software (see below) and presented — in quantified form — as "brain maps." Your EEG is compared to a reference database of other EEGs.

  3. Delivery of final quantitative EEG Report.

The report work-up includes the consultation of various cortical and sub-cortical databases and the use of multiple software and brain imagining applications. The final report is approximately 15-30 pages in length, complete with summary page, explanatory pictures, graphics, and terminology that is accessible for the layperson, yet true to scientific form. The composition of the report often entails 3-5 hours of additional research.

Okay, what is the next step? Peak performance

qEEG neurofeedback

Well, most of the time the qEEG analysis bring more light to the "Situation". 

Some of the brain areas might be generating problematic signals, manifesting in problematic symptoms and behaviors. qEEG is able to Identify those areas.

The great news is, we are able to treat those symptoms. In fact, that's what we do most of the time.

In that case, we recommend to get rid of the problems first or alongside the peak performance program. Problems such as:


  • ADHD

  • Addiction

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • PTSD  etc....

burned out

What thechnlogy are you using for Peak performance?

We use a special type of Neurofeedback for Peak Performance.

Neurofeedback is called many things. It is referred to as EEG biofeedback, neuro-biofeedback, neurotherapy, and brain wave training. These terms are often used interchangeably. Neurofeedback training is effective for many conditions, such as head injuries, neuroses and anxieties, and a variety of conditions regulated by brain wave function.

Neurofeedback is a therapeutic intervention that presents the client with real-time feedback on brainwave activity, as measured by sensors on the scalp, and typically in the form of visual or audio rewards. The number of sensors determines if the clinician is doing “single channel” or “full cap” EEG. We do both. We also use a variety of neurofeedback methods and modalities.

When brain activity (amplitude or connectivity) changes in the direction desired by the customized neurofeedback protocol, a positive "reward" feedback is given to the individual. Most neurofeedback methods train brain waves to create conditioned self-regulation.


Who can benefit from Peak performance


Students and Academics

Musical &
Artistic Performance



​Academic Performance Program

We work with a lot of teenagers who struggle to focus in school.

If problems are not addressed, conditions could become exacerbated, leading to increased distractibility and reduced learning speed, which can impede cognitive ability later in life.

Treatment methods aim to accelerate learning speed,  refine problem-solving ability, improve memory and help achieve mental clarity and peak performance.
The program provides:

  • Peak Performance Training

  • Achieve Greater Academic Testing Results

  • Sharpen Focus and Improve Memory

  • Accelerate Learning Speed

  • Increase Overall Confidence

  • Reduce Self-Consciousness

  • Feel Comfortable Speaking Publicly

  • Reduce Stress, Social Anxiety, and Test Anxiety

  • Increase Creativity & Musical Abilities

Our treatment methods rewire the brain to improve creativity, increase ability to focus and decrease performance anxiety. Artists and performers benefit from methods aimed at achieving peak performance.


Workplace Performance and Corporate Training

The Neuro-enhancement and training model provides comprehensive and flexible sessions with individual teams, incorporating keep principles of neuroscience, cognitive enhancement, optimal brain fitness, creativity and mindfulness in order to unleash creativity and enhance productivity within professional environments.

Optimization of brain function should be a top priority for athletes to enhance performance ability and improve focus. Treatments help to stabilize mood, allowing athletes to gain greater control over emotions, making them more resilient and achieving a mindset of success.


After School Sessions for Your Child’s Brain

Brain Booster After School Sessions are specifically designed to keep your child’s brain focused throughout the school year. Our Brain Booster neurofeedback sessions help train your child’s brain, improving academic performance, memory, concentration and focus. The program offers short 45 minute sessions, flexible hours, meeting 1-2 times per week, depending on preference, to easily work around any schedule. It is an ideal complement to your child’s other after school activities and is also available as a stand-alone activity for those days when your child is on vacation or has a day off from school.

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